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Frontend Foundry is an online learning and design school with over 10000 hours of creative lessons and certified teachers.
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  • English Classes
  • Over 350+ Students
  • 6 Years of Experience
New for Summer 2019, Delfin English School is delighted to launch a new Business Course. This new programme delivers students an exceptional opportunity to develop business specific English language skills for use in their professional development.
  • English Trainer
  • Over 350+ Students
  • 28 Years of Experience

Heather has been teaching for 28 years. He ensures all our teacher trainers are at the forefront of their profession. Heather trained in the UK and spent the first ten years of his career in Japan. He has taught all ages from kindergarten to adults, and worked in different contexts.

  • Director of Training
  • Over 350+ Students
  • 12 Years of Experience
Catherine completed her CELTA course at IH London in 2006 and fell in love with teaching English. She has been teaching and training for 12 years. Catherine is CELTA and Delta qualified and is a certified Cambridge CELTA assessor.
  • Expert Series Trainer
  • Over 350+ Students
  • 7 Years of Experience
Geoffrey is a world-renowned ELT Consultant and Trainer. Geoffrey is an author and the series editor of the MacMillan Books for Teachers. He is well known for his book Sound Foundations and his inspiring talks on how to understand the phonemic chart.
  • Kids Classes
  • Over 180+ Students
  • 18+ Years of Experience
Нора has been teaching English since 1982 across all levels and special focus classes, including Business English and a University Foundation Programme. She has taught English in companies in Spain and Chile, and she has taught young learners in Argentina.

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